Tips for your getting ready photos!

We love when our couples book enough time to capture some of the getting ready time before they walk down the aisle! While you get ready, we are able to capture your special details and lots of candid moments with your wedding party and other loved ones who are there.

Here are some tips:

  1. Choose a place to get ready that is relaxing, clean, uncluttered and has some natural light. We can get creative in lots of different spaces, but having an uncluttered, relaxing place to get ready is hard to beat. We love when spaces are neutral and bright.. and maybe you do too! Perhaps a family member has a space you can use or book an airbnb for a couple days!
  2. Have your special details set aside for your photographers so they can take some photos of them right away. Details like your jewellery, shoes, dress, perfume/cologne, watch, cuff links, and a wedding invitation. Wooden hangers to hang dresses is bonus, and look so much better than the plastic ones. We love photographing the small details that make your day special and unique.
  3. Order or make charcuterie boards for you and your wedding party (for both the guys and the girls) to make sure you and your people are having something to eat before all the festivities begin. Even better if you give this task to a family member or someone in the wedding party to take care of!
  4. Planning some special drinks for a cheers can be a fun photography moment and adds to the celebration! There are so many tasty and beautiful mocktails and cocktails you can make, or keep it simple and pop some bubbly!
  5. If you are having your parents or another special person come and be part of your morning, plan a special moment just for them. Ideas could be giving them a gift, a note, doing a first look with just your mom/dad/both, or pinning on your dad's boutonniere. Not only will they feel loved, but the photos will also be so special.

That's all for now!

xo Amanda & Kim